All breeds of Cat are catered for at Snoopies.

We make sure your Cat is groomed in a caring way, using techniques developed over many years of dedication and devotion to Cats, to give your Cat a stress free grooming experience.

We do not use leashes, restraints or administer sedation with any of our Cat Clients.

All Cats are handled with patience and understanding, regardless of temperament, including nervous, aggressive and elderly Cats.

Badly matted coats are clipped down and undercoats are stripped without the need for anaesthetic, just a lot of consideration for the well being of the Cat and plenty of TLC.

To maintain the right environment for your Cat, we avoid having Dogs in the Salon at the same time and we make sure there are no distractions.

Very occasionally, some Cats who are not used to the grooming process will need to be rested if their stress levels go a little high. This is where our patience and understanding of Cats is so important. If at any time we feel things are getting too stressful we will not continue with the session and recommend a re-schedule of the appointment to complete the grooming.

In most of these cases, with the right approach, the Cat will continually increase it’s tolerance to Grooming.

Many of our clients come to us via Vet recommendations and local catteries are happy to send us referrals.

Grooming in between Salon visits

Grooming is an essential part of a cat’s daily routine, which helps in maintaining a clean and healthy coat. However, regular grooming also serves many other functions, which include removing loose hair and smoothing the coat to help insulate the body, keeps the coat waterproof by stimulating glands at the base of the hair and cools the coat in hot weather.

Regular grooming of your Cat at home, in between visits to the Grooming Salon, will improve the long-term condition of the coat and also ease the stress of an unnecessarily long visit to the Salon.

Although cats groom themselves on a daily basis, it is important and often necessary that you establish a regular grooming routine for your pet.

Start grooming your cat or kitten from an early age and it will become accustomed to the grooming procedure, making it tolerant to grooming when it becomes an adult.

Anal Gland problems in Cats

Cats are fortunately less bothered with anal gland problems and are mainly subject to recurrent blockage when problems occur. Surgery to remove the sacs is technically easier in the cat and we would certainly recommend this if your cat has recurrent bouts of trouble, as the cat tends to lick the anus with their rasp like tongue leading to some severely sore bottoms!